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Lead partner organisation : London South Bank University

Total budget ERDF : € 1.94 million

Total budget : € 3.24 million

Start of the project : 2018

End of the project : 2021

Partners of the project : London South Bank University, Wuppertal Institut für Klima Umwelt Energie, Green IT Amsterdam, TEAM2, WeLOOP, Terra Nova Development.


Abstract of the project :

The Data Centre Industry (DCI) is concentrated in NWE, especially UK, Germany, France & Netherlands. DC equipment (DCe) is replaced every 1–5 years, substantially contributing to the production of 11.8 Mt/year of WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment), one of the fastest growing waste streams. WEEE contains Critical Raw Materials (CRM) of high technical & economic importance & vulnerable to supply disruption, usually exported or sent to landfill at end of life.

CEDaCI will facilitate the implementation of a Circular Economy (CE) for CRM in NWE and reduce the environmental impact arising from the growth in redundant equipment, by simultaneously increasing materials recovery, reducing use of virgin materials and developing a secure and economically viable CRM supply chain.

At present only 10% of CRM are recycled & recovered per year. CEDaCI will increase this to 40% over baseline (107 tonnes) by end of project (ID5.05) and by 400% (242 tonnes) after 10 years.

This will be achieved by bringing together all stakeholders (designers, manufacturers, operators, refurbishers, recyclers) in a knowledge-sharing network that, thanks to a Co-creation Platform and 3 integrated Pilots, will produce: 2 products/processes/technologies developed & tested in real life conditions (ID5.02); EcoDesign/Design for CE Guidelines (accelerating manufacture of CE-fit products); a Decision Making Tool (DMT) for all DC sub-sectors to optimise CE business models; and improved refurbishment, recycling and reclamation strategies for WEEE and CRM. These will feed into: a Long Term Strategy (LTS) including delivery at end of project and 10 year maintenance plans; bespoke technical assistance (DMT training sessions) for 50 DCI businesses (CO1); advice and guidelines for policy-influencers and makers; and a physical and virtual demonstrator that explains the CE context, processes and benefits. These will ensure the project impact and long term legacy.





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