Megaphone TEAM2

Member Promotions

Today, everything is moving faster and faster, and this feeling has become even more pronounced since the Covid-19 crisis, when digital technology has been very present in every home and every company in order to continue to communicate. We are currently in a world where information disappears as quickly as it appeared with a simple "scroll", and where it is difficult to make a place for oneself, to draw attention to one's news, one's event, one's innovation and therefore to be known and recognised. It is with this in mind that the TEAM2 competitiveness cluster wishes to provide more support to its members in order to help them highlight themselves and their innovation and make themselves known to as many people as possible.


Increasing the visibility of the cluster's members and highlighting their know-how

The TEAM2 competitiveness cluster highlights its members in order to increase their visibility and highlight their know-how and their innovation projects, thanks to its communication and dissemination actions. The objective is also to promote their news, events, etc. through its network and its various communication channels and tools (website, social networks, newsletter, mailing, events, interviews, etc.).


Strengthening the network of cluster members and their skills

Throughout the year, the TEAM2 cluster organises formal and informal meetings, technical workshops, conferences and events (TEAM2EVENT, webinars, club meetings, etc.). These allow members to increase their national and international networks, by exchanging between cluster members with complementary skills and with TEAM2 partners. This allows cluster members to make themselves known, refine their strategy and boost their competitiveness.

In addition to free or preferential rates at TEAM2 events, the cluster also offers its members access to certain partner events at preferential rates and also provides a privileged link with decision-makers and certain ministries.

Feel free to follow the cluster on social networks to find out about its news and that of its members.

For more information, please contact Lise Debruyne - Cluster Communications Officer