The circular economy club the Communauté d’Agglomération de Lens-Liévin

The Lens-Liévin agglomeration community wishes to support the territory's stakeholders in deploying the principles of the circular economy. In this context, a circular economy club has been initiated in collaboration with the CALL (communauté d’agglomération Lens-Liévin) and the TEAM2 competitiveness cluster, dedicated to the circular economy.


The CALL - Communauté d’Agglomération Lens-Liévin

The communauté d’agglomération Lens-Liévin includes 36 municipalities, with both urban and rural territories. This territory with a mission is at the crossroads of 5 European capitals and represents nearly 245,000 inhabitants. The Lens-Liévin Urban Community is developing an innovation policy based on the dynamics of eco-transition and the mobilisation of the economic world.  The CALL is setting up actions to encourage the support of projects with an entrepreneurial or economic development/territory dimension.  Many initiatives have already been taken to promote sustainable development and environmental preservation:

  • Preservation of groundwater and water resources in the area
  • Mechanised and selective collection of waste in order to recycle it, etc.
  • Implementation of a Sustainable Territorial Food System (local production and short circuits)
  • Dynamics of "Territory and Companies with a mission".

In order to strengthen this dynamic and awareness, the CALL wishes to reinforce the implementation of circular economy loops on its territory. The TEAM2 competitiveness cluster located within the Louvre-Lens Valley is supporting the CALL in this ambition.


The themes of the CALL Circular Economy Club

The objective of the Club is to create events in the area to raise awareness of the deployment of the principles of the circular economy and feedback on experiences. The themes are varied and concern all areas of activity: bio-waste treatment and associated tools, circular economy loops for batteries at the end of their life and for reuse, soil decontamination through innovative processes, recycling of electronic cards, reuse and recycling of materials in the building industry, etc.

Through regular events: conferences, round tables, project presentations, etc. The TEAM2 competitiveness cluster and the CALL invite local players to energise the ecosystem, create a network and share best practices.

The ambition is to "Accelerate the deployment of the circular economy by stimulating, through innovation, the recycling of materials and substances, allowing the production and use of new resources".